Understanging CRMIf you believe that a CRM strategy and implementing a CRM system is critical for your business, but you need to know more about how CRM will fit in your business, then Understanding CRM is for you.

Understanding CRM is For:

• Companies and individuals looking to learn more about CRM
• Companies wanting to educate their entire organization on CRM

What We Provide To You:

• Half and full day workshops
• Half and full day seminars
• Lunch and learns
• 2 hour small group discussions

Topics Include:

• Implementing CRM
• What is CRM
• Lean CRM
• Achieving ROI in Technology
• Effective Trade Show Follow-Up
• Effective Forecasting with CRM
• Transforming the Service Department
• CRM for Executives
• Secrets to Customer Loyalty and Increased Profits
• Aligning Marketing and Sales
Each of our customers is at a different point in their CRM strategy implementation.  Let us guide you through your CRM journey.  Contact us at 920-730-1300 to discuss the next step in your CRM roadmap.