Try CRM Support Now
We believe the benefits of a fully functioning CRM system is a differentiating factor for companies, not only for proper customer engagement, but for employee satisfaction and effectiveness.

Trial CRM support is for any organization that is having issues with their CRM system. It gives you access to a professional to assist you in problem diagnoses and resolution, providing you with:

  • Quick resolution to issues
  • System stability and usefulness
  • Advanced CRM knowledge


A few examples of where trial CRM support helps companies include:

  • Annoying errors that pop-up
  • System speed
  • User synchronization issues


During the trial CRM support period your organization will tap our resources to augment your staff. Some benefits include:

  • Telephone access to a support technician (during business hours)
  • Focused energies on a specific issue
  • Try us before committing to an annual contract

Investment Options:

1 Month  $                    2,800.00
2 Months  $                    3,750.00
3 Months  $                    5,000.00

Trial Support Includes:

Base Support

  • System Modification Dialoging (Servers, laptops, desktops, network infrastructure, MS Office, etc.)
  • Clasify all support issues and review with client
  • Known issues (workarounds, research)
  • Dialog on Installation problems
  • Base functionality failures
  • Office integration issues
  • New license installation

Customization/Third Party Support

  • Review errors related to customization (does not include fixing customization errors)
  • Answer questions related to operation of customization (from what we see in the code)
  • Base Terminal/Citrix server support

Sync Support

  • Data Sync Issues
  • Clean up old sync files
  • Recut remote user DBs as necessary (existing users)
  • Dialog on attaching remote user DBs as necessary

Major/Minor Upgrades

  • Upgrade planning
  • Compatibility checks


  • Review and report on utilization of system (fields and tables)
  • Create groups to monitor utilization


  • Dialog on user security issues (Teams, Calendar, Menu/Toolbar)
  • Dialog on user options/preferences

Data Integrity

  • Assist in showing duplicate accounts
  • Assist in showing duplicate contacts
  • Assist in showing accounts with no contact
  • Assist in showing contacts with first or last name only
  • Assist in showing addresses for accounts and contacts without address, state, city, zip
  • Dialog on integrity checker

Data Mining/Automation

  • Dialog on creating groups
  • Dialog on creating reports
  • Dialog on the creation and management of templates
  • Dialog on creating processes
  • Dialog on creating calculated fields
  • Dialog on creating lookups


  • Non-SalesLogix service pack Dialoging
  • Pre-planning server upgrades swap
  • New project planning


Satisfactory resolution of problems is a combined effort between the problem reporter and the resolver. Communication of the status, updates, and resolution of the problem is key to successful problem management. It has been proven that user ownership of the project from the beginning is a fundamental component of success. The person you assign for internal CRM support must take ownership of the issues, utilizing us as a resource to provide skills, knowledge, experience, and guidance, but taking responsibility for the successful completion of each issue.

  • Trial support only available once per organization
  • Trial support is only via phone and remote access
  • Aspects of support requires Resolv to obtain a back-up of your database
  • Trial support hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Central Standard Time
  • Trial support does not include disaster recovery of servers or data
  • Trial support does not include employee training
  • Trial support is administrator support (all issues must come through one or two administrators at your organization), it is not help-desk support for your users
  • Trial support is only available for Infor CRM/SalesLogix at this time

Not Included in Trial Support:

  • Recovery of deleted records from backup
  • Disaster recovery assistance