Proper usage of CRM software can triple your follow-up efforts. (Part 2 of Tradeshows:  More Bang For Your Buck)


If you are currently exhibiting in trade shows, you may have experienced the lack of post-show follow-up efforts.  Often, the number one goal after a trade show is for exhibitors to catch up on what was missed while they were out of the office.  Days and sometimes weeks pass before all leads are entered and the follow-up process begins.  The only way to combat this issue is to plan for follow-up. Lead follow-up needs to take precedence, if you want to see a return on your investment. 

Before exhibiting, be sure to document who will complete each step of the follow-up process.  Write all of the email and letter templates before the show. The templates can be as simple as a thank-you note or a packet of literature with a cover letter.  Be sure to have enough literature available to include in the post show mailing.  Taking care of these items before the show will greatly reduce the time required post-show.

Another factor to poor post-show follow-up is a lack of organization at the show.  Not all leads are put in the same place.  Business cards end up in pockets, and note taking on each conversation is sparse at best.  To combat this, have a folder in which all leads are dropped.  Staple business cards to a “show sheet” in which you can write critical information about the attendee.  Be sure to include a ranking of this lead.  While a ranking is only a gut feeling, and is often wrong, it will give you an idea of where to start when following up on your show leads.    It will allow you to follow-up on your hottest prospects within hours or days after the show ends. 

Remember, the longer you a lead sit, the colder they it become. Don’t forget the lower ranked prospects in your follow-up effort. The goal is 100% post-show follow-up.  Also, remember to write down and keep any promises you made while at the booth.

The biggest factor to poor post-show follow-up:  TIME.  Let’s face it; your sales people are simply not ready for a flood of hundreds of new prospects into their pipeline.  Frequently what will happen is that they will perform a cursory follow-up on the “A” leads and basically wait to hear from all others.  At best, a letter will be sent out to all thanking them for attending and asking the prospect to call if they have any questions.  It’s the sit-back-and-wait approach to tradeshow follow-up, and it’s 100% justified because of an overall lack of time.

Unfortunately, “A” prospects from a trade show are not always the best prospects.  A booth staffer makes this designation based on a gut reaction.  The staffer liked the person, the conversation went well, so they mark them an “A”.  While another had bad breath, and still another wasn’t dressed professionally, so they receive a “C”.  So, how do you combat the ranking and time issue?  The answer is simple:  use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program to automate portions of the follow-up.

SalesLogix is a great example of this.  With SalesLogix you can implement a process to aid in the follow-up of all trade show leads.  A process represents a series of tasks that are executed in a specific sequence, over a set time period. You can create processes to automate the customer follow-up process.  For example, to aid in trade show follow-up, you can set up a process that sends out a thank-you email to all attendees.  The process can also schedule to resend the literature to the attendees and then the process can split and schedule a follow-up phone call in three days for all “A” prospects and send another email to “B” and “C” prospects.  Anytime the salesperson needs to participate in the process, a reminder is automatically placed on that users’ calendar.   Below is an example of a trade show follow-up process.

As you will see, all prospects start and end at the same point, but depending on the prospect type, there are more “automated touches” to keep the prospect warm until a live call can be made.  By doing this, calls can be spread out over a longer period of time, giving your sales people the time they need to complete the daunting task of trade show follow-up. 

SalesLogix can not only help you with your trade show follow-up, but it can assist you in managing the ROI of trade shows and all other marketing efforts.  It offers a complete solution for managing, tracking and measuring targeted marketing campaigns and helps companies get the most from their budget.  SalesLogix Marketing provides analytical and marketing tools to streamline your campaigns and perfect your marketing mix.

In summary, trade shows are expensive, and are worth it.  However, without effective post-show follow-up, they are ineffective, and often do not meet their objectives.  The time to plan for follow-up is before the show begins.  A plan for follow-up is as important to the show as any initial planning. Through proper follow-up, you will realize the financial goals that you have set for the show.  For follow-up to be effective, you must set a date for follow-up to be completed; determine and document the method of follow-up; prepare in advance all post-show letters and literature, and make use of automated processes in your CRM package.


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