CRM SupportAlmost all installations of a CRM system have custom configuration or programming; the support services for each of these installations are customized. Resolv offers three service level agreements to meet the level of service and support your organization needs. Our technical support engineers offer expert support as they effectively resolve issues and assist you use your CRM system more effectively.  At Resolv, we keep a backup copy of your database on our system to enable us to reproduce errors and solve issues.

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We also offer complete development services:

Our team of CRM professionals excels in the areas of development and integration for Saleslogix, Microsoft CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), and SugarCRM. The most mature of these is SalesLogix, and members of our team have been working on Saleslogix development and SalesLogix integration since 1998.   Our skill set includes simple modifications (adding a field) to complete form redesign of the following areas for all CRM systems supported by Resolv, Inc.:

 Customization of primary areas, such as Account, Contact and Opportunities.
  • Complete customization of Contracts and Support Tickets, including area-category-issue (SalesLogix Development), support levels, ticket priority rules and auto-assigning support technicians
  • Creation of Scorecards and Dashboards and Business Intelligence Rules
  • Creation of main and detail views, calculated fields, lookups, views, queries, groups, and tabs.
  • Modification of menus, toolbars and navigation bars.
  • Implementation of user / team security models.
  • Creation of contact and sales processes (in CRM systems that support such processes)
  • Automation through events and alerts.
  • Pushing of sales orders and ticket invoices into back office systems, including Mas500, Mas90, Made to Manage, AS400 and others.
  • Aggregation of orders, invoices and commissions from back office systems.
  • Synchronization of Account / Customer data between CRM systems and back office systems. This includes SalesLogix integration to most major accounting systems.
  • Synchronization of inventory / products between CRM and back office systems.
  • Creation of mail-merge and literature fulfillment templates (SalesLogix development)
  • Creation of complex Crystal Reports involving multiple sub reports and graphs.
  • Conversion and importing data into a CRM system from another system such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Act!, Upshot, Microsoft CRM and “home grown” systems.
  • Other services include but not limited to:
    • Data validation
    • Data integrity verification
    • User administration and management
    • Admin and end user training
    • Resolve remote user sync issues
    • Realigning territories and other mass changes.
    • Disaster recovery assistance
    • Periodic health checks