Opportunity SearchSuperSearch is a search tool which gives the end user the ability to easily create a query while also allowing for detailed and more advanced searches.

What it does:

SuperSearch is a search tool which gives the end user the ability to easily create a query while also allowing for detailed and more advanced searches.

What makes it different:

The SalesLogix query builder is an excellent tool; however it requires a high level of understanding of the SalesLogix table and field structure which not all users have. SalesLogix query builder is also limited in many ways, for example, it is very difficult in query builder to return the notes on the last history record for a given contact or account. This is not the case with SuperSearch.

SalesLogix offers an advanced query builder to combat this issues, but modifying the advanced query builder is a time-consuming process that is still very limited.

SuperSearch simply allows your SalesLogix administrator to create search fields and make them available to the user. Everything else is handled by the sophisticated search engine. An additional benefit, unlike most other third-party query tools, SuperSearch allows you to jump to the contact/account/ticket or any other record by simply double-clicking on the result. And then SuperSearch allows the user create a standard SalesLogix Group from the results.

General overview of the add-on:

SuperSearch provides ease of use to allow novice database users to create detailed searches, and it provides the flexibility needed for more experienced users to perform advanced searching. Simply select the desired field(s), select the operator and then enter the conditions and click search. There is no need for the user to know the SalesLogix table and field structure, SuperSearch takes care of that for the user.

In the example below, the search will bring up any accounts with more than one open opportunity which are also located in Illinois, Michigan or Indiana.

Account Search


This example shows a search that will return any accounts beginning with A that have an open opportunity where the estimated close is greater than 11/1/2008:

Opportunity Search

Once all the conditions and criteria have been entered simply click on the search button to return the results. All users have the ability to save their searches to use in the future and users who have export rights have the ability to export search results to Excel.

The flexibility and ease of use of this bundle make it an invaluable tool for both the regular user and more advanced users. A sales rep can now do more refined searches without having to understand the database structure and without having to wait for assistance from a more experienced user.


The SuperSearch add-on includes default Account, Contact, Contract, Opportunity, Campaign, and Ticket Searches. It also includes the ability for the administrator to add additional fields to the searches, and copy existing searches or create new searches. SuperSearch is priced per SalesLogix server. SuperSearch is currently only available on the LAN platform.

  • Price for a SalesLogix server with 15 or fewer users: $3,275.00*
  • Price for unlimited SalesLogix users: $5,250.00*

*15% Annual Maintenance and Support