At Resolv, we believe that CRM should be your business strategy with your customers. CRM should be used not only as a tool to meet your goals, but to assist you in differentiating yourselves from your competitors by making your organization more efficient and effective. RFP proposals usually include lists of features and functions in the areas of platform, ease of use, accounts, contact, opportunities, scheduling, marketing, service, forecasting, integration and data retrieval. While these are very important, often the real questions that CRM can answer for you are not even asked. They are

  • What is the business strategy and vision of the organization for the next 3-5 years?
  • What is your customer centric strategy?
  • What business issues are you trying fix and why?
  • What specific goals do you expect to achieve with CRM Software?

The answers to these questions combined with the results of Foundational CRM  will give your organization a full view of what the strategy and goals of the CRM implementation should be. This analysis can be aligned with the goals having the greatest return on investment and implemented in phases accordingly

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