What Is Your Business Strategy In Relation to CRM?

Without a doubt we live in a society that has come to expect instant gratification.  The advancements of technology continue to feed this expectation and our tolerance for dissatisfaction in these technological advances is minimizing every day.  A practical example:  Apps for I pads (I products).  How many times have you searched the App store for something, downloaded the freebie only to be disappointed because it didn’t do exactly what you wanted exactly the  way you wanted, so you deleted it just as quickly?  So, your frustrated it wasn’t right, and it was FREE!  Hmmm? Wow, we expect a lot don’t we?

So let’s apply the reality of instant gratification to the customers of your business and their experiences with it.  Have you as an organization taken the subjective step backwards and evaluated your business strategy and mission in relationship to the ever progressing expectation of instant gratification?  Let’s face it, most businesses realize very quickly they don’t measure up to the advancements of Apple or even Amazon for that matter.  If your conclusion from this brief assessment is that they have set the bar too high and you will continue to plug along as always, you may find yourself left in the dark in the near future.  Deep down you know this, but where do you start?

It feels like an insurmountable task to compare the level of instant punapharmacy gratification that is becoming the norm to your existing (maybe antiquated) business model.  You have limited resources, such as funding and people.  Where do you start?  How do you manage this among the many other projects pulling you in multiple directions?

The most important dollar you might invest in your business is putting the pieces of this puzzle together.  As a business owner or senior manager you bear the responsibility to provide the top down directive of comparing your business to the uber businesses in instant gratification and writing customer satisfaction into your business strategy (whatever that means to your business and industry).  Ignoring the gap will only widen the gap and put you further behind.

There are ways to improve customer satisfaction and provide the instant gratification they seek for much less than you might expect through a CRM software solution.  Work with an expert CRM service provider to help you make this project, that feels gargantuan, manageable and affordable.  You can’t do everything yourself, and you shouldn’t punish yourself for not being the expert in every aspect of your business, especially one as ever evolving as technology.  You are doing your job, and doing it well, when you write the strategy that achieves customer satisfaction and instant gratification for your client, and more importantly take the steps to achieve that mission.