How Do You Define CRM (Customer Relationship Management) In Your Organization?

I talk to businesses every day that are either considering purchasing CRM software or are considering purchasing a different CRM software because the first one they purchased isn’t working the way they hoped it would.  Before you do anything else, STOP!, and read this!

There are a series of questions you need to ask yourself before making a CRM software selection.  The first question is, how do you define CRM in your organization?  Keep in mind, we are not asking you to describe the features and functions of a software.  We are asking about Customer Relationship Management.  The acronym stands for a term that is the heart and soul of a CRM software implementation success.  That same term is the heart and soul of the success of your business as a whole.  Without happy customers a business will not stay open for very long regardless of the product or service they provide.

The answer we are digging for is the process that defines that customer satisfaction and is unique to your business.  Why do your customers come to you?  This question will undoubtedly open up the flood gates of many questions, all of which need to be answered before a new customer management software solution can be implemented.    Once you have been able to bactrimsale define why your customers come to you, and the process that has ultimately created their satisfaction with your products or services you need to ask yourself if everyone throughout the organization knows that answer.

It is a mistake to make decisions that impact customer satisfaction in a bubble.  Reach out to your key customer facing employees and discuss the process with them.  Did you have the answer to the question right? Did you know the process? What did they add to the definition?  Who is most passionate about that process and why?  Is the process as straightforward and precise as it should be or are there redundancies across departments? Does the process look and feel seamless to the customer? Where might they see bottlenecks and encounter frustration?

The next step is to ascertain what benefits a single source of customer facing data (CRM solution) and the automation of a CRM software could provide.  This part gets tricky for a business that does not have a CRM expert on staff.  Our recommendation is to reach out to a CRM expert at this point and ask that question.  How can CRM software make our processes better and make our customers happier?  If this isn’t your ultimate goal, STOP!, step back and start over.