CRM PhilosophyResolv has one simple CRM philosophy: CRM software should only be implemented in companies where it will be in alignment with an organization’s customer-centric business strategy (See our definition of CRM). In this case, a CRM software implementation will be part of the solution for specific, defined business needs.

Our goal at Resolv is to enable companies by providing a single view of the customer through a comprehensive, company-wide CRM strategy.

We focus on solving business issues related to sales, marketing, service and most importantly the customer. We work on improving the end-to-end cycle time for sales, enabling sales to work more efficiently, improving and automating communication, and strengthening the customer relationship; at the same time giving sales people more time to focus on the customer. We work to eliminate multiple data sources and clicks to streamline daily tasks. We focus on delivering key data to enhance decision making, planning, management, and execution of all customer related activities.