Our Ideal CRM CustomerWe are CRM Facilitators.  We believe CRM software should only be implemented in companies where it will be in alignment with an organization’s customer-centric business strategy.

The following defines the organizations that we work best with:

• Established organizations
• Business to business (manufacturing, service, financial)
• 20 to 2,000 users in sales, marketing or customer service
• Complex business needs (custom integration/advanced customizations)


For a successful synergy these organizations should:

• Have a fun work environment
• Truly want a partner/facilitator instead of a vendor
• Realize they do not have the capacity to implement a CRM strategy on their own
• Be goal driven and growth oriented
• Have a vision and strong conviction to meet that vision
• Believe that CRM is an enterprise wide solution
• Want to integrate data from multiple sources for a single view of the information
• Have tried and failed in CRM before


We do not work with organizations that:

• Believe that software implementation is success
• Believe that CRM is an IT project
• Believe that it is a departmental solution
• Want to implement on their own
• Want to implement without a plan
• Want to work without an end goal or goals
• Don’t think
• Don’t want to succeed