Navigating CRMIf you believe that you have a solid CRM strategy and are looking for help implementing that strategy and assuring user buy in, then Navigating CRM is for you.

Navigating CRM is Right For You, If You …

• Have a defined CRM strategy that address business needs but need help with CRM planning & implementation
• Understand your organization process and culture and are looking to align CRM accordingly
• Are expanding into a new department and need assistance with planning & implementation

Value Provided to You:

• Documentation of CRM strategic business needs
• Documentation of CRM goals
• ROI analysis of CRM
• Recommended phase implementation plan

What We Will Deliver To You:

1. Documentation of project goals
2. Detailed recommended implementation plan
a. Timeline
b. Resource and utilization schedule
c. Technology
d. Data sources for conversion
e. Configuration needs (global or local)
f. Training Schedule
3. Recommended Technology Map
a. Diagram of technology needed to support all users
4. Support plan infrastructure recommendation
a. Support plan map including user location and call/email tree for optimal global support
5. Detailed user adoption plan
a. Listing of major areas of concern with prioritization of issues (based on impact to the organization as a whole)
i. Technology
ii. Process
iii. Culture
b. Culture and process overview that includes:
i. A list of processes that may need to be revised to fit in the new CRM strategy
ii. Areas where current defined culture is in disagreement with future plans
iii. Ideas and a strategy for driving user adoption of new technology within your organization
Each of our customers is at a different point in their CRM strategy implementation.  Let us guide you through your CRM journey.  Contact us at 920-730-1300 to discuss the next step in your CRM roadmap.