Luke Russell, CRM Guru
Luke Russell has been CRM consultant since 1998. Luke has personally consulted with hundreds of organizations, and has a strong success record for implementing business strategy.

Since the inception of Resolv in September 2001, founder and owner Luke Russell has been an advocate for strategy planning and strategically implementing software. Believing that implementations are more about process and culture, he guides customers through the process of developing a strategy both for their organization and for a specific implementation.  This strategy includes reviewing processes and people/departments involved in the change. “The two key factors are an understanding of where you are now, and where you need to be in the future,” says Russell, “I facilitate this change in organizations.”

While 90% of executives believe that having a solid strategy (that encompasses process, culture and technology) is important, only about 5% spend the time and resources doing just that. Instead they speed the process and implement a strategy like “our strategy is to implement new software.” “There is a direct correlation to time spent on strategy planning prior to implementation, and the overall success of the implementation,” Luke continues, “I ensure that success.”

Luke also spends time on his soap box.  Speaking at conferences, shows, seminars, and privately at organizations, is something he enjoys.  With topics that vary from “The secrets to customer acquisition, retention and increased profits” to “Developing and implementing a strategy that works,” Luke speaks to primarily middle and upper managers in organizations.  His thought provoking seminars require audience participation, with his main goal to leave his audience asking questions related to how they can improve their organization.  “I swear that sometimes the question/answer time is greater than the time I spend speaking,” remarks Russell.

In addition to helping customers, Luke spends time thinking about his own businesses and works with his co-owner, Angela Talano, on strategic planning. “Angela and I balance each other really well,” said Luke. “She is able to run the day-to-day parts of the business and look a few months out. I think more about long-term strategy such as exploring new products, technologies and niche markets as well as considering major operational changes.”

“We have made a commitment to work on our business, to be effective in all that we do both internally and externally with our customers,” said Luke. “It is rewarding when we work together with our customers to solve a nagging problem. I like seeing how excited people get when something we create makes their whole job easier.”

Luke Russell attributes his past work experiences for giving him good business insight. Before founding Resolv he worked as a CRM developer, ran an ad agency and was a product marketing specialist at Marshall & Ilsley. He also managed a newspaper in Nicaragua.

Luke is a member the Strategic Leadership Association (SLA), an organization dedicated to continued education for professional knowledge firms. He also enjoys travel and kayaking, and sitting on his private beach on the bay of Green Bay. He is a cigar aficionado and an owner of Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge in Green Bay, WI (