Optimize CRMWhat it does:

KPI Dashboards is all about empowering your business leaders and sales force with relavant, real time information in visual dashboards within Saleslogix. Whether it’s key performance indicators, operational goals, or tracking work group contributions, KPI Dashboards offers at-a-glance insights into your key data. Executives, managers, sales people and service techs can quickly flip through different perspectives of your enterprise data, allowing them to easily identify problems and diagnose causes. The graphs, charts and trend indicators that make up KPI Dashboards will quickly become the nerve center for health checks and decision making.

What makes it different:

Unlike many dashboard tools for Saleslogix, KPI Dashboards queries your enterprise data in real-time. Real time means your data is never stale or outdated; KPI Dashboards are up-to-now presentations. KPI Dashboards is not limited to presenting visualizaitons of key data from within just Saleslogix; a variety of data sources outside of Saleslogix can be combined with your Saleslogix data to provide easy, single application access to data vital to you.

Individual dashboard elements can be viewed as a chart or as a table of the actual data. When a specific Saleslogix dashboard element raises questions, KPI Dashboards offers double-click drill-down to view the actual records making up the dashboard.

Because KPI Dashboards is security enabled, specific dashboard elements can be released to an individual, to a team of individuals, or to everyone. You control the dashboard visualizations that your company executives, managers, and sales people can access.

General overview of the add-on:

The base installation of KPI Dashboards includes over 30 default dashboard elements. If none of the included elements meet your needs, you also have the ability to create additional dashboard elements with the KPI Edit Toolkit. A simple manage view is available to allow for the creation of dashboards.

KPI Dashboards Manage Form

KPI Dashboards is organized by pages, with each page containing from 1 to 12 elements. Each user can create any number of dashboard pages and decide per page how many elements to display. Each user can title their pages. They can navigate to a specific page by scrolling through pages or by jumping directly to the desired page. The dashboard elements allow the user to view the data behind the graph or to print a dashboard.

The screen shots below show two pages of dashboards. One displays opportunity related data, the other service related data.

KPI Dashboards 4up
KPI Dashboards 6up

Admittedly, the Ticket Time by User dashboard element (the lower-right dashboard in the above screenshot) is a bit too small with 6 elements on the page. By simply clicking the maximize button on a dashboard element, KPI Dashboards presents the user with a clearer, enlarged view (as seen below).

KPI Dashboards Enlarged


KPI Dashboards comes with over 30 default dashboard elements offering views into your Account, Ticket, and Opportunity data. The optional Edit Module allows your administrator to add additional dashboard elements from data within Saleslogix or from any database your users can access. KPI Dashboards is priced per Saleslogix server and is currently only available on the LAN platform.

  • Price for a Saleslogix server with 15 or fewer users: $4,000.00*
  • Price for unlimited Saleslogix users: $5,730.00*
  • Price for the KPI Dashboard Edit Toolkit (allows for creation and editing of Dashboards): $1,500.00*

*15% Maintenance and Support