Once again, today’s blog post is prompted by a quote.  This time the quote is attributed to Charles Revson, Founder of Revlon.  Here is the quote: “When it leaves the factory, its lipstick.  But when it crosses the counter in the department store, it’s hope.”  


What are you selling?When I read that quote, my thoughts went instantly to “ah ha!, When implementing CRM, you can learn a lot from lipstick!”  This is the golden nugget to CRM implementation, know what it is you are selling.  I’m not talking about what your product or service is, I’m talking about what your product or service “IS”.  It has been called so many things over the years: “your unique selling points”, “your differentiating qualities”, “your distinguishing value proposition”, etc.  However what it comes down to is the value that you provide to your customers.  Charles Revson certainly knew his value: HOPE. 

Understanding this value is 70% of your CRM business strategy.  The rest is simple; you simply define how you are going to communicate your value throughout every facet of your organization; from marketing and sales to delivery. To help, ask yourself questions similar to these:


  1. What is more important, the product/service you provide to your customer, or the value that you provide to your customer? (my hope would be the later)
  2. Does everyone in your organization understand your value?
  3. Is your value clearly communicated through all you do? (what do you need to change?)
  4. Should your sales process be modified as you focus on this value?
  5. Does changing the process and communication from product/service to value require any changes in the way we track our customer data?
  6. Does the way you view the demographics of your customers (and most importantly your top 20% customers) change as you shift to focus on value?
  7. How does your CRM software system need to be modified to support the value sales methodology?



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