… then you have to change something in your business.  


I don’t know how many times I am asked to implement CRM software to help a company do what they are already doing.  They want it to look, act, and report in the same way they are currently doing things.  And yet, they expect big changes out of the CRM implementation.

It just doesn’t work that way.  If all you are doing is implementing software to maintain the status quo of how you are already doing things then save your money.  Use the money for a nice vacation!  Better yet, use the money to hire someone new to manage and maintain the status quo that you have aspired to.

Ultimately, without making a conscious decision to change your business, your business will not change.

Before implementing a CRM system ask yourself:

•What business need is CRM going to fulfill or improve upon?
•How will your current process need to change with implementation of the CRM system?

•What positive outcomes are you expecting as a result of the CRM implementation? 

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