I have CRMResolv specializes in helping organizations to achieve maximum utilization of their CRM system.  We collaborate with you to ensure CRM is in alignment with your corporate goals, processes, and culture.

With optimized CRM you will experience:

  • Maximized user adoption
  • Effective processes
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved customer service
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Indicators that you could use your CRM system more fully:
  • There are many disconnected databases
  • There are still a lot of manual processes
  • There are still many Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Access databases in use
  • Real time data is a distant dream – the data you see is old by the time you see it
  • There is a lack of interoffice communication regarding customer data
  • There is no one place to see all that you need to know about a customer
Each of our customers is at a different point in their CRM software strategy and implementation.  Let us guide you through your CRM journey.  Contact us at 920-730-1300 to discuss the next step in your CRM roadmap.

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