I have been asked the same question several times in the last week or so, so I thought I should blog about it. The question, “What makes Resolv different?”

So here goes … First, I have been working in the CRM industry since 1998.  That’s right, I have been doing nothing but CRM consulting and CRM implementation for over 13 years.  Over the course of time, I learned a few things, but one thing really stands out.  That one thing is:

Implementing CRM is not success.

SalesLogix CRM Success

What I mean is that when I started in the CRM industry, I started working for a SalesLogix Business partner.  This partner would sell CRM as a need that all companies had.  A company would bite, and the goal was to implement CRM.  We would successfully implement CRM, and we had many successful failures.  We failed because implementing CRM software should never be “the goal;” it is part of the solution.   This means for an implantation to be a success, businesses need to define what need or needs that CRM software will play a role in solving.

When I started Resolv, I vowed that we would not implement successful failures.  If a company’s goal is simply to implement CRM, Resolv is most likely not the right partner for them.  However, if a company is looking to implement CRM in response to real business needs and goals, we are the CRM company for them. 

It’s rather simple; our goal is to help our customers to be unbelievably successful! We implement CRM software in alignment with solid business strategies.  We understand that CRM software, process, and culture all must be in alignment with business goals for a CRM implementation to be a success.

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