Today’s blog post is going to be a bit on the satirical side … but it makes a point about an issue I frequently encounter, the “CRM in a Box” mentality.  It amazes me when someone asks what my CRM software can do for them, as if they are looking for the “magic bullet” to Customer Relationship Management to come from a box.  Simply install the software and all of their troubles are over.   Unfortunately, it’s not that easy,  but if it were, you can be sure Ron Popeil would have an infomercial for it …



Sage SalesLogixWrapped up inside this box, I have a CRM software solution work for each and every one of your businesses.  There is no need for you to think about your customers, configure it to match your processes, or integrate it with your accounting software.  This software is built on the only best sales practice currently known!

·         It will generate leads for your sales people,

·         it will retain your best customers,

·         it will manage all of your opportunities and accurately forecast sales

·         All with no input from your sales team. 


But wait, there’s more … act today and we’ll throw in our latest version which will

·         proactively reach out to fading customers and

·         guarantee sales people meet and exceed their quota!


Basically, CRM in a Box will help you to slice and dice your competition!  That’s right, you can have all this and never have to coach a salesperson again!  But even more exciting is that you can have this for only three easy payments of $995 … don’t wait, this offer won’t be around long!


But wait, there’s more, buy now, and

·         we’ll throw in our famous book “superior sales people without the coaching”, and

·         our best selling CD “customers like it when you hide behind technology.” 


Folks, get all of this for only three easy payments of $995!  With CRM in a Box, what could go wrong?


The plain and simple … CRM is a business strategy, software is a tool.


Luke Russell
Resolv, Inc.

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