I had a conversation with Kym, one of my co-workers, the other day.  She was calling prospects and received a similar response from multiple companies when she asked them about Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  The response was, “we tried CRM, it didn’t work.”  I hear that and think, “of course it didn’t work!”


I bet I can guess why it didn’t work for each company that responded with the “been there, done that” type of response.  It is most likely one of these three reasons:


1)    The company self-implemented CRM

2)     The driving force for CRM was someone in the company’s IT department

3)     The company thought that CRM was a one-time event



In fact, as I look at those three reasons, I think that each would take more time to explain than I have in this one blog entry; therefore, my next three blogs will break down each of the three reasons for CRM failures. 


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