CRM Expectations and GoalsYour company has implemented CRM, what’s next?  Over 50% of the companies that implement a CRM system say that the system is not meeting their expectations.  
We know why this is, and what you can do about it.  Join us as we discuss how to re-invigorate your CRM initiative in this 2 ½ hour interactive workshop held at your place of business.
During this time we will discuss:
  • Your CRM expectations
  • CRM software and the art of sales
  • Methods for increasing user adoption
  • Igniting CRM within your organization
If you believe that CRM can be a major factor in your company’s success and are looking for help aligning your current CRM system to your CRM strategy, increasing adoption and improving process, then Accelerating CRM is for you.
Accelerating CRM is Right For You, If You …
  • Have implemented CRM and it is not meeting your business needs
  • Need to implement a plan for better CRM user adoption
  • Need to optimize the utilization of your CRM system
  • Know you could do more with the system you have but you aren’t sure where to start
  • Have multiple data sources that you need to integrate for improved customer clarity
 You will walk away from this interactive workshop with:
  • The basic framework for increasing CRM user adoption
  • A list of processes that may need to be revised to align with the CRM strategy
  • A sampling of areas where your current culture is in disagreement with your stated CRM strategy
  • A basic understanding of data sources external to your CRM and their affect on the CRM process
We understand that every company is at a different point in their CRM implementation/adoption.  However, if you feel that your CRM system is not meeting your expectations, then this interactive workshop is for you!  But be prepared; you will not leave this workshop with an end to your CRM issues, it will be the beginning of a plan for resolving the issues and aligning CRM software with your CRM business strategy.
The cost for this 2 ½ hour interactive workshop is $675.00 (not including travel expenses).  Recommended attendees are your CRM champion, your CRM sponsor, director of sales or marketing, and any executive/director level personnel.  This interactive workshop is designed for organizations with at least 20 CRM users.
Money Back Guarantee:  If you have a CRM implementation of 20 users or more, and attend this interactive workshop and do not find it to provide key points to accelerating your CRM adoption plan, we will refund your money, no questions asked.