Happy CRMIf you believe that CRM can be a major factor in your company’s success and are looking for help aligning your current CRM system to your CRM strategy, increasing adoption and improving process, then Accelerating CRM is for you.

Accelerating CRM is Right For You, If You …

• Have implemented CRM and it is not meeting your business needs
• Need to implement a plan for better user adoption
• Need to optimize the utilization of your CRM system
• Know you could do more with the system you have but you aren’t sure where to start
• Have multiple data sources that you need to integrate for more visibility

Value Provided To You:

• Road map for increasing user adoption
• Review of processes that may need to be revised to align with the CRM strategy
• Areas where current culture is in disagreement with stated CRM strategy
• Understanding of data sources external to CRM and their affect on the CRM process
• Review of improvements that may drive CRM utilization

What We Will Deliver To You:

1. A summary of our findings from interviews conducted throughout your organization
2. Observations as to how these findings compare with the stated CRM Goals
3. A list of major areas of concern, and advanced prioritization of issues (based on impact to the organization)
4. Culture and process review and recommendations that includes:
o A list of processes that may need to be revised to fit in the new CRM strategy
o Areas where current culture is in disagreement with future plans
o Ideas and a strategy for driving user adoption of new technology within your organization
Each of our customers is at a different point in their CRM strategy implementation.  Let us guide you through your CRM journey.  Contact us at 920-730-1300 to discuss the next step in your CRM roadmap.

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