About Resolv
We believe the benefits of a fully utilized CRM system is a differentiating factor between an ordinary company and an extraordinary, customer-focused organization.

Resolv is a privately held corporation that was started in September of 2001. We are headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The professionals at Resolv have been involved with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)consulting since 1998.  Our goal at Resolv is to enable companies by providing a single view of the customer through a comprehensive, company-wide CRM strategy.

Our only focus is CRM!

  • We Believe that collaboration is more than a one-time event.
  • Our Purpose: To guide our customers through every aspect of their CRM Strategy.
  • Our Aspiration: For our customers to say we are the best company they have ever worked with.

Our strategy begins with defining,  understanding, and agreeing upon the following terms:

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Software
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

We offer sales analysis, lean office consulting (for process analysis), CRM software selection, CRM development (customization), CRM implementation, and CRM training.