While Resolv will be celebrating our tenth year anniversary this year, it is kind of fun to look back at what we have accomplished.  We have had many successes over the last 10 years, and it is exciting to see some of them published. 

Here are three recent success stories that we have had with Sage SalesLogix customers:


“We really appreciated Resolv stepping back and looking at our big picture. Sage CRM SalesLogix is now a usable and vital tool for our business.”

–Karen Roscoe, Product Manager, Bruker AXS

To view the whole story:  http://www.resolvcrm.com/images/stories/success/success%20story%20bruker%20axs.pdf


“Our business is based on relationships and Sage SalesLogix is the foundation. We have access to an enormous amount of data that allows us to provide an outstanding experience for our customers. Resolv has been instrumental in getting us where we are today.”

–Jason Kestler, President and CEO Kestler Financial Group

To view the whole story:  http://www.resolvcrm.com/images/stories/success/success%20story%20kestler%20financial%20group.pdf


“This was one of the smoothest implementations I have been a part of. The end result was so tailored to our business that everyone took to it quickly.”

–Ken Deering, Director of Customer Service and Facilities, Bay Tek Games

To view the whole story:  http://www.resolvcrm.com/images/stories/success/success%20story%20bay%20tek%20games.pdf


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